What Women Want


Every girl, wants to be cherished. They want to feel needed, as if their man wouldn’t be whole without them. They want to be looked at as if there is something special about just them. I think most of all though, they want to be loved for exactly who they are; nothing enhanced or altered. Yes, girls like to talk but only because we feel close this way and what person doesn’t want to be close to someone they love? Just like guys feel close when they are physically close. We need just a word or action to say, hey I care about you. We may seem complex but it’s not so hard to figure out, just take the time. Take the time to figure out our in’s and out’s because we are trying to figure yours out. We need to be held for comfort and told it’ll all work out sometimes. We don’t expect you to fix anything just say something to us that makes sense, like you’re here for us. We want to be led, believe it or not we are waiting for you to make the first move… Sure we know how but it means way more when you do. When you ask what’s wrong and we say nothing… it’s obviously not nothing, it’s a test of persistence to see does he truly care or is he just asking to not get in trouble? Moody, yes. We are. If you don’t like it, don’t date or marry. Because God created us that way. That doesn’t excuse the crazy extremes of psychotic girls those truly are psychos. Sometimes you are the ones making us moody by the way you act. We want to be missed, to be told and maybe again. So stop being so proud and let your guard down a little or you’ll get nowhere. We wanna be the only one. Now, later and always for you.


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