Spouses Careers and Hobbies

Thanks for messaging me this question on FB~

Question: What if your spouse’s career/hobby is something you’re not into but you want to be supportive?

I’ll try to answer this to the best of my ability, I think that you don’t have to be interested or into whatever your husband is super passionate about. I would say that being supportive of what your husband is into is really important. The only condition on that would be, is it harmful to your marriage? The career/hobby itself that is or the people who are around them co-workers or friends taking them down a bad path, my advice there is to surround yourself with people who you want to be more like if it’s a bad situation and only getting worse, I would ask my spouse if he thinks those people are uplifting him or not and if those are people he wants to surround himself with. In those situations it would probably be smart to limit their time with the people or diminish it entirely.

I think normally there is a deeper reason why a spouse doesn’t like the hobby or career, most of the time there isn’t enough balance. Either you’re the type that likes quality time and the job or hobby is taking up too much of that. where you are to the point of feeling neglected. Or you wanted to be more settled down and the career is causing them to travel more often and you feel like you are going backwards in life. Almost like you are losing yourself while you watch them follow their dreams and become what they have been striving for you’re stuck wanting something else.

Basically it boils down to priorities it should be God, Family, Friends, Everything else. In that order and most likely it is off. You should be priority number 2. Most likely you’re not there, you’re probably 4,5 or maybe even further and the career or hobby is above you so you think the hobby or job is what the issue is. Most of the time I feel that there is a way to be supportive it is simply a conversation of how your spouse can meet you halfway. He can absolutely follow his/her dreams but here is what I need from you whether that is more time with them, letting you follow your dreams as well or can they balance having a family and doing this job if not maybe it is time for them to give up that hobby/job and focus on what’s more important in life that being the people.

Hope this helps!


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