Living together before he pops the Q


Before you pack up all your boxes and make the big leap moving in together, take a look at this person’s thoughts and statistics. I like this take on living together, I personally wanted someone who is all in, as they stated I didn’t want a trial of what married life looked like I agree without the commitment of marriage it’s just too easy to give up. That’s why in my life I decided not to do the whole move in first thing (and because it doesn’t follow my personal beliefs) because no matter the odd things they did or how messy they were it isn’t a deal breaker for me. I also feel like it’s a privilege to live with someone and not just anyone should get that. I just wanted to do that one time in my life when it was someone I was ready to do forever with. So many girls ask me why the guys aren’t proposing and seem like they are in no hurry either, well I know I’m super old school and that most people don’t follow that way of thought anymore but I just don’t see why a guy would need to commit if they are already getting everything they want. This way they don’t need to have the responsibilities of being a husband and they get you. The girl is just left waiting for him to ask, and is unhappy wanting more. For me I want a lifelong commitment the whole “till death do us part” business, it’s worked out really well for me 🙂 Check out the link below.


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