kathleen rouser

Just finished this novel and I really enjoyed it! I love a good christian historical fiction book. I always learn things when reading them and I’ve decided even though they aren’t real life stories, I seem to always get a lesson for real life.

This one as it is titled rumors and promises is very fitting. It is about a girl who was forced to lose her purity and in that day it was basically the worst thing that could happen to you short of being homeless and poor. She got pregnant and her parents, trying to save their reputation and tried to make her give up the child. So she decided to run away to a small town, change her name and start over. Instead of being shunned here she decided lie and tell people her daughter was her sister, but rumors started to form about it being her daughter. She was tired of running and just wanted to make a life for her innocent little one. She met a reverend who showed her God’s unconditional love no matter how it made him look and treated her with respect. Slowly she started to see that God’s promises to keep safe watch over her and that He had a plan for her life all along. Giving her a sweet daughter always pushing her to better herself and meeting the reverend whom she later marries. Even though she feels she isn’t good enough for him God continually pushes her to forgive herself and prove that we are all sinners just the same no matter how big or small your blemish. Ian (the Reverend) later confesses to her how he ignored a young lady who was with child in a bad circumstance and she ended up committing suicide. Although tragic, I like how she shows you how all people are burdened by something from their past. Everyone falls short of perfection, this being the reason we ALL need Jesus, even a reverend. Also that it is so easy to tell someone that God has forgiven them for their shortcomings but that actually doing that is much harder.

I also liked that sometimes you can’t see God’s plan for your life. She was poor as dirt, a child to take care of and had no where to go. You wonder where is God in that? Later you see he had a plan all along but that doesn’t mean it won’t be tough at times. You should definitely take the time to read this one!!


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