The Lady and the Lionheart 

This book really keep me engrossed, I literally stayed up til 4am reading this one! And finished it in 3 days with a small child so you know it was a good one. 
I really love the setting as usual for these books set in the past. I’ve never read a book about a circus and thought I honestly wouldn’t enjoy it but to my surprise I just couldn’t stop reading! I love all the unique characters and it honestly made me think about the people in the circus and how they must feel. People paying to watch them because of their talents and a more sad reality bc they are different and people love to gawk. 
The main part of this book is about a girl who always plays it safe until one day Charlie walks in to where she works and will change everything! She has always shied away from people of religion because of her jaded past but Charlie just might bring her back. 
Charlie is a loner and lion tamer with a huge heart, always rescuing others no matter what the cost. When he meets a girl who is starting to chip away his reserve, he has to decide if she can handle all the secrets he has kept buried. 
Loved: I love all the characters! So original! I also loved the lesson of never judge a book by its cover. I also loved how Charlie depicted Christ giving himself up for others and showing love to all that felt unlovable. There was so much to love but I don’t want to spoil it! 
Lacked: I wish it wouldn’t of wrapped up so quickly and there was more of a build to the end. I also wish u knew more of what happened next… but maybe there will be a second book for that? 
The Lady and the Lionheart


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