Against the Tide 

From a young girl left on the dock awaiting her parents return Lydia Pallas was left orphaned at a young age. Once she became an adult, she began her new journey for security and reliability, that is until Alexander Banebridge waltzed into her life. He keeps his true past a secret and everyone at a distance because he is a wanted man. With the professor hunting down Bane, he must stay on the run while trying to bring down the professor and his enterprise. After finding God he started his mission to right his wrongs in the drug world. He just never planned to meet a girl who he would tell everything to. Lydia gets entangled in Bane’s world and finds herself in a series of unfortunate circumstances. Will Bane get to her in time or will she be found out? Lydia finally realized she was always missing something, a purpose. 

-There were actually some twists to this book I wasn’t expecting! I love that I didn’t guess everything! 

-I also loved that there were true historical facts packed into this book. 

-the character of Bane!! 

-I don’t like how the book portrays that the guy can read the girls mind. Not very realistic. 

-I also think the character of the professor was lacking. At the beginning he was scary but as the book went on I pictured him as more of an old man who loved books with a temper and much less of a drug lord. 


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