A Noble Groom

I’ve never once pondered what it would be like to be an immigrant or be in an arranged marriage, until this book. I never thought of all the hardships you would have to endure. How it would be like to forever be committed to someone you don’t love only staying because you’re told and also surviving without a man would be quite difficult when you scarcely have anything. I love that this book has some true historical facts.

 Annalisa, In a loveless marriage is left to fend for herself and her daughter Sophie. With only a year left to repay the loan for the land she wishes to buy, will she make it in time? Or will she be forced to be homeless? 

Carl, a man on the run needs somewhere to hide, with some distant connections he manages to make it to the middle of no where ….doing work that is far below him, or so he thinks. He must keep a low profile or be found out. He also must hide his identity or risk his life. 

How their two paths collide, you should read and find out!! 


-the bits of German I had to learn 

-The revelation of the class system and how flawed it is


-hate who dies!! Lol 


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