A Most Noble Heir

This was a great surprise, I’ve never read anything by this author before so I never know if I’ll like it or not. I really liked it! I finished it in 2 days, it was one of those books that just keep you interested the whole book. My only criticism is that one of the twists was super obvious and I wish it wouldn’t been a bit more hidden. Other than that I really liked this one. The biggest twist I somehow didn’t get right away which is surprising because it wasn’t that hard to figure out. I loved the characters and it flowed so well. The writing was great and it was never boring. So many books lately about the middle of the book I can’t seem to want to keep reading, this was not the case! Highly recommend this one! Also I was sick so that may be why I flew through this one.

I was given this book in exchange for my complete and honest review!



This was a good book, it is set in the West Indies which I thought was really cool because I have yet to read many set there. I enjoyed learning a bit about sugarcane and the island weather. I think this book does a good job of putting your head in the mind of a slave at that time as well as in the mistress of the plantation. Some things were a bit hard to picture like the whole idea of how Keturah’s plantation was laid out. I still don’t quite understand that. What picture I loved was the waterfall and beach scenes those I feel like she did a great job of transporting you and I feel like I can see those! I think their first kiss scene was a bit unrealistic in the book. I did like how their relationship was a slow progression. I think most times u don’t just flip a switch from saying you never want to marry to all the sudden you do. I think that was kinda unrealistic as well. I really liked the character of Gray! I like that he was a bit wild when she knew him but he was becoming his own person in God. It was also cool to see how his relationship with Phillip played out. I loved the part about her dad I won’t spoil what it was but I liked how it made even parents humans. Just being a new mom it’s a tough job and you don’t always get it right. It’s nice to see the process of forgiveness there and that truly it’s God role to be your protector ultimately not mans. This one ended on a good note but I feel like there is so much more to the story just based on hints here and there. I can’t wait to read more.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

God Made the World

This book was so cute! It was such a simplistic and easy way to see how God formed the world in 7 days! The illustrations in this one were very different than your normal book more geometric and I really liked that. Sometimes it seems so difficult to break down such hard concepts such as creation to tell a child because it’s so complex. This did a great job of simplifying it well!

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

Little Critter Little Blessings Collection

I grew up reading these, so I already knew I liked this author. I think these books are so cute because they have a stinker brother and sister that typically do the wrong thing first and after a lesson realize it’s best to do the right thing. For so many kids simply telling them the right thing to do isn’t enough, they have to learn the hard way. I think this series is great for those kids! In this book there were some simple lessons for kids: letting others go first, telling the truth, being thankful for what you have and everyone makes mistakes and needs forgiveness. It’s a collection of four stories that have already been published put all together.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

A Passionate Hope

This was a new author for me, and I wanted to read something in a different era. This is her interpretation of the story of Hannah in the Bible. As odd as this sounds.. because it feels so juvenile of a lesson, I actually learned the purpose of praying before you eat. I’ve always known yes you should be thankful for your food. I guess I never realized back then how much you relied on the harvest and how easily it could be a famine. They also gave God the first fruits of their crops letting God know that they trusted him to provide for all of their food. I think now we are all so spoiled because I don’t see a famine coming anytime soon so I forget to be thankful for how very blessed I am! I just love being able to go back in time and see things from a different perspective, I think it always helps me understand the Bible more. I think this book was so well written and I loved all the depth that was in it! I’ll definitely be reading the other books in this series. I recommend this book for sure. I also learned I would never want to be sister wives with anyone because I wouldn’t be as kind as Hannah!

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

Easter Love Letters from God

This book was so cute, it tells the Easter story in a way that is clearly understood for young ones. It has lift the flap “letters” that are so sweet that better supply the story and a space at the end where you can write your own letter back to God. It has verses throughout that are small and easy to memorize. Although the story of the crucification is something hard to illustrate they really did a great job not making it too scary or graphic. If you’re looking for a way to read the easter story to your kids this book was so sweet.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

The Masterpiece

Just finished this amazing book, this is definitely a favorite! Francine Rivers is my favorite author because being a Christian isn’t all about being perfect, it’s about realizing how imperfect you are and seeing how you’re missing something to fill you without God. Although it’s so much deeper than that simple message I think most of her books ring true to that. They are some of the most raw books I’ve ever read not sugar-coated or made to look like the perfect Christian scenario that most people view a “Christian” to be. I found myself actually crying reading parts of this because I could truly put myself in their situations, also realizing how blessed I am in a way to be spared their stories because they are not easy! On the flip side I keep thinking about the story of Joseph in the Bible, how it seemed for sooo long that God had deserted him. He just stayed the course and those people are the ones that (either are so far from God and find him or that have gone through so much but stay true) have the largest impact for God. I think my biggest question left unanswered after reading this is.. Why do some people die after a couple chances to never be saved vs others he gives a million chances and they turn to him? I always wonder is it bc he knew that they would never turn to Him no matter how long they are on earth? Or simply you get chances you never know how many so you better take what you get?

This book is about a guy who grew up in a bad situation, turned to gangs, tagging buildings, running away from foster parents and grew up putting everyone at a distance to self protect. His journey to find what is missing when it seems like he has everything.

A girl who also grew up in a bad situation and stayed true only after one event her life changed forever. Trying to never make mistakes again and doing her best to stay on course even though life would never look the same. You get to walk through her journey of healing and see how God’s plan is revealed throughout their lives.

This is available Feb 6th! You can preorder on amazon!!

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A Song Unheard

I really enjoyed this book!! I already read the first in this series (A Name Unknown) and loved it so it isn’t surprising this one I enjoyed just as much! I’m in no way a history buff actually I’m just terrible at it. This book was set in the onset of World War I, typically that phrase would bore me but somehow books seem to help me see what those times were really like. It makes it all seem so much more real when you can follow someone’s story even if it’s fiction, a lot is based on fact! I never knew that the people of Belgium fled to Wales or how dire the situation for the people who remained. Standing in lines for food. I also loved the way Willa was portrayed, knowing she was a thief from the first book how no matter what was put in her path she always felt unworthy. I think that hits home with so many people, to see things God is showing you is for you and we deem ourselves unworthy. Thinking that we know ourselves better than He or being so closed minded we cannot see what he has ahead for us. I think sometimes it does take a crazy circumstance where there is no one else to lean on…. “rock bottom” to see the light. I also think it was cool that in this book music was how she saw God, I think for everyone God shows himself differently. Some through words in a song, nature, hearing still small voices can come in many ways and I’d never thought through music itself but I’m certain he does it that way as well! A great read! I also love that I still don’t know much about Mr V, haha he shall always remain a mysterious character!

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NIV journal the word Bible for teens

Got this really cool Bible a couple days ago! It has pink edges on all the pages!!!! And the cover is sooo cute! I love these new Bibles they have come out with, they all have this room for notes on the sides! Before I’d have to write the smallest font if I wanted to put a note in my Bible and I love how you can doodle something meaningful or simply put notes to remember a verse. It also has questions throughout to help spur on your thinking. Also it has the red letters for things that were spoken by God, I always love that in a Bible as well. What an awesome Bible, I’d totally recommend it!!

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review!

The Lacemaker

So going in this book was a bit rough to get into, probably because I’m not a huge history buff and actually had to google the Revolutionary War.. yea it’s bad. Parts of the book I really liked then some parts weren’t my favorite.

Loved: The main character of Noble, I thought was truly the picture of sacrifice and choosing to love was evident in him. I loved the estate he lived on and how different the Welsh aspect was in the book. I also loved that she used some welsh words but also put the translation. Major pet peeve when they use another language without even the meaning. Some people may love to research what it means, I’m just not one of those. I love that the book didn’t end right when they realized who they were going to end up with! Loved getting to see past the first kiss where so many books end!

Lacked: I didn’t understand the parents in this book, I know every parent isn’t perfect but it seems odd neither parent wouldn’t make her be with them. To each do their own thing and leave her?? It seemed weird. Also the Dad was all about his position so I would think he wouldn’t leave his daughter and hope for the best, when that would make him look bad. Some parts of Libby and Noble were so confusing. Like how he liked her so much he wanted to marry her but then just wrote her off at the beginning because it wasn’t good for the cause. Seems weird to just let her go into the world of poverty when he had so much.

Overall I did like it and it wasn’t the normal era I read so it was definitely interesting and I learned a couple historical facts along the way! My favorite of her books is still “Courting Morrow Little” this one was a good read though!!

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.