Miss Serena’s Secret

I loved this one! I think it was about 4 days to finish it. I’ve been reading Carolyn’s books from her first book, this one is the second book in her second series. Let me start by saying I love how I felt like I was there, she is so good with the descriptions!! I love books that make you wish you lived and experienced what they get to! Her books are definitely a favorite of the Regency Era for me! They keep you so engaged the whole book. Great flow, amazingly written, LOVE the setting and the story line was so good! Highly recommend this book!!!

Serena is darkened by a past event and lives with a now cold demeanor. Unable to continue her passion because of the memories of the incident. Her sister and brother-in-law attempt to help her get her life back. Harry is a dandy by day and a gentleman by night. Serena can’t figure out who this man truly is. Harry tired of disappointing everyone has learned to change based on who he is with, until he finds Serena. Harry has a sordid past, and struggles with keeping it his past.

Thank you Kregel for my complimentary copy. The views expressed are completely my own.


Big Trucks

Just got this cute book today, the touch and feel parts are cool. One has the gripper parts like sandpaper and some are mirrored or rubber feeling. The illustrations were well done and I like that all of the trucks worked together to get a job done. I think this just became a new bedtime book to read! Loved it.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest opinion.

Dangerous to Know

So I read the back of this one and thought it would be interesting. Although yes it was interesting, it was super dark and quite unhopeful. It is based on a true story of a poet. I personally just didn’t enjoy this one. It was well written, the story itself I just thought wasn’t great. It felt like if you married someone who turned out to not be great your life is ruined. And although the main character found other ways to serve God, her life was just depressing being with someone who didn’t want to be with her. I can’t imagine a lifetime of being unloved by a spouse. What a sad life. I know life isn’t always fairytale endings and what not but I like books with failings and how to learn from them . This felt like you messed up and now your whole life is messed up. A life full of regrets.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest opinion.

Sons of Blackbird Mountain

I loved this book! And I’m even a bit sad to start a new book because I liked this one so well. Since I read so often I get super tired of the basic boy meets girl, girl and boy fall in love cheesy romance books. I love a book with some grit, some raw hard true, life lessons…And well yeah, romance. This book did not disappoint. This story is about three brothers who live on an apple orchard. Their main source of income is hard cider. One of the brothers has indulged too much and too often so he decides it has to stop. With this being their livelihood not all the brothers are in agreement to this change in ventures. Thor, one of the brothers is deaf which is actually one of the coolest things I’ve read about lately. I’ve never thought about general life and how much more difficult that would make things. Communicating in general. I definitely take that for granted. I also love how she spun it to see how although most people would view it as an ailment there are beautiful things you get to experience being deaf and how you truly have to slow down and listen to understand people. Aven is a widow who comes to blackbird mountain thinking she will be helping with three young boys. When she arrives they are a bit older than expected and she has to find her place and see if this could be home after her long travel overseas. Two of the brothers fall hard for her & she must navigate that situation since they are all living under the same roof. One of the best reads of 2018 so far! There were just so many truths unpacked in this book of trusting God & giving people grace and forgiveness.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest opinion.

Together Forever

Just finished book 2 of the Orphan Train. I hadn’t read book 1 when I got this one and I hate reading out of order so I went back read the first one and just finished book 2. I think the setting of these are really cool because it’s all about the time where New York City was super depressed and people started to send their children out west on trains in order to keep them fed and alive. I can’t imagine being so desperate to send my child away and how hard that would be. Book one was all about the oldest sister who travelled away to get a job to send money back home so that her siblings could live. This one was my favorite book of the two. Just the setting and there was also a contest that was an interesting twist. I think it was also well thought out and kept me very interested the whole book! The second book was about the middle sister Marianne and how she made up a lie in the first book and was trying to right all of her wrongs. This one for whatever reason was harder to get into and even once I was into it I found the parts about just being on the train not that exciting. In reality I bet traveling on the train for days on end isn’t that exciting either. I found the guy character kind of unbelievable, I don’t want to spoil anything but I just don’t think someone would go to such lengths for something they didn’t do. I liked the parts about Reinhold a lot he made the story more interesting and I really didn’t see who the culprit of his problems for quite some time. I liked it and I’d give it 3/5 stars. Book one id give 5/5 though. I just liked it better.

I was given this book in exchange for my complete and honest opinion.

100 Bible Stories for children

Just got this book, and it’s super cute. It’s a really shortened version of 100 Bible stories. The illustrations are very fun, I think any kid would love this book. Reading each chapter would take about 5 mins at bedtime so it’s great for a little Jesus before they go to sleep! Ive always thought it would be kind of tough to describe such adult stories and ideas to a kid, so these books really make it easy for them to understand the purpose of life and all the stories I hope to embed in his world.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

A Defense of Honor

Just finished Kristi Ann Hunter’s newest book, she also has one other series out that is really good as well!! This one was really cool because it dealt with a topic I’ve yet to read about and I read a lot! What happens to all the girls who are ruined by society and get themselves in predicaments they can’t get out of …going unnoticed. I like how much mystery there still was left about other characters and I am eager to read about those still. I liked all of the raw lessons in this book too. How you can preach all day about trusting God while still controlling your little world but you aren’t fully trusting God until you give him everything. Even if you can’t quite see what your life will look like and it seems you need to control it, you don’t. God has you. That really rang true to me. I also loved the part about how being born privileged or poor is not because you are better or lesser of a person. God has given you this life and you are to follow him in either way of life. He has you. It felt like a lot of lessons on trust and I liked it immensely. The character Kit battles with guilt and trying to atone for her sin. Graham the main male role seeks to find his purpose in life. It really was so entertaining to read! The setting was also really cool. I always love a book with a good setting so I can kind of dream about living nicely in the middle of nowhere too! Loved this book, very well written and executed! Can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

I was given this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

I can’t believe you just said that!!

So Tripp isn’t old enough to understand most of the concepts in this book but I just have a feeling I’ll need to be prepped here when it comes to this age! Also it was truly just such a good reminder for myself on my tongue, I’ve truly forgotten how easy it is to sin with your mouth! I loved all the verses next to it and scenarios to help you understand her point of view. While some of the sections were a bit wordy and I can’t see myself saying all of that I really do think she had good advice on most of the topics! I listed a picture with each topic below. It basically starts out with a question, then reprove them and lastly to make them do it the correct way. She says to avoid power struggles if at all possible (yes wouldn’t we all love to avoid those lol) and lastly I like that she said not to focus so much on the wrong doing like if your child lies.. make sure they know they are not a liar but simply lying is wrong and doesn’t make God proud he hates a lying tongue. Basically it’s a bad choice. You’re not bad but the lying is.

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

Girl, wash your face

Ok so I finally finished this! I really liked most of the book. There were definitely some parts I didn’t agree with personally, even so I enjoyed it. It had a lot of empowering sections that really encouraged me to meet my life goals and also not be so hard on myself for the things you’re already doing your best on. A lot of the lies that I believe were in this book so it was interesting to hear a fresh perspective on those. I love how real and raw the book is, that is rare and I doubt I’d have the courage to be so open with the world. I think it’s really cool that she doesn’t even read reviews because she just doesn’t give a crap about how other people like or dislike her book. Talk about just being you! I liked her outlook on meeting your goals I think I might be similar. I get an idea and just can’t let it go until I make it happen. It’s really rare that something I dream up I let go. It almost feels like a failure if I do. Her outlook was similar, she’s super successful so it can’t be that wrong?? Lol Overall a good read!

I received this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.

Bedtime collection

My LO loves all of these “the beginners bible” books. I think it’s the way the characters are drawn but who knows!? We point to the characters and I have to tell him who each person is which is fun because I get to teach him about God this way. Listed above is each story it includes just to give you an idea of what this book entails. I actually thought more than just the cover was glow in the dark but glow in the dark is cool no matter what so that’s a win. Hopefully when my LO gets a bit older we can start reading these at bedtime. Super cute book!

I was given this book in exchange for my complete and honest review.