NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Large Print Bible


Just got my Bible today I’ve been waiting anxiously for, it did not disappoint!! This Bible is awesome! I love all of the lettering in here that you can color in to make it your own. It also has huge margins with lines so you can write out things you want to remember or notations as you go. I love the large print in here too! This Bible is so cool, I love how they are coming out with Bibles that excite you to read and also they have over 100 verses written in the margins that are ready to be filled in.

If you’re looking for a new Bible, this is one to keep in mind. Especially if you’re artistic. It’s NIV so it’s easier to understand, at least for me! I like how even the cover is girly. I can’t wait to dive in and make this my own!! For some reason coloring and putting your own art in it, makes it feel more special and unique.

I received this copy in exchange for my complete honest review.

When parenting isn’t perfect

Well isn’t this just fitting haha. Tripp got a hold of my book and tore the cover right off! This book had some really good insights. Growing up I think I definitely strived to be perfect. It was the goal for sure, to get all A’s, never get in trouble, make the “right” choices. I think for me personally it didn’t really bug me, I knew my parents understood I wasn’t perfect and were just trying to push me to be better knowing full well I wouldn’t always get it right. 

I can also see how that style wouldn’t work. If you felt like u have to be perfect then you might just always feel like you weren’t enough. I think this book hilights that. It teaches more to accept your child’s best. That may mean B’s in school instead of an A. Learning to encourage your children to do their best and not be perfect. Sometimes your child will throw those embarrassing fits in the middle of the store (this has def happened to me already) because they aren’t perfect and learning to know life isn’t perfect. 

In the same way there is sooo much pressure to be the perfect mom and dad. I think realizing you’re gonna mess up and learning to just do your best and let the rest go to God is the only way to get through those tough times when you do make a mistake. Also learning to forgive quickly when your spouse does too. You are both human and perfection is gonna lead to a very disappointing outcome. 

I like another thing they said too. Family should make you think of : love, safety, encouragement, affirmation and peace. 

I think those words are so important in family, I think it’s so important to have consistency. They know the boundaries but also know when you cross them you never lose love. It’s impossible to not be good enough in this house. 

From the back cover: 

Perfection is the enemy of parenting. It’s admirable for parents to be the very best moms and dads they can be for their children. But sometimes in doing so, they leave grace behind– both for themselves and their children. We can become pharisaical parents. But God doesn’t want us, and our kids don’t need us, to be perfect. As parents, we’re called to simply do our best. And when we fail— which we will— we’re called to try again tomorrow. 

The Weekly Prayer Project

I got this cute Journal because well I like to journal.  Its always a great way to look back and see how God has answered prayers or to see how He has saved me in certain situations by not answering my prayers lol. This cute book has a main topics: Requests, Gratitude, Lament, Intercession, Faith, Repentance and Awe. Under each section the week has a subsection. Requests: Ask Confidently, Don’t Worry, Nothing is Impossible, Up to God, Have Mercy, Finding Forgiveness, and Wait Expectantly. They each have verses to support the section. So each week you write down your prayers and try to focus on whatever the subsection says. I think it’s a cool way to write out your prayers and learn something in the process.

From the back cover:

Challenge yourself to journal, pray, reflect, and connect with God with the Weekly Prayer Project. Fifty-two scriptures, one for each week of the year, explore different types of prayers found in the Bible, from prayers of gratitude and thankfulness to prayers of lament and intercession. Each week’s journaling prompts will guide you to reflect on God’s work in your life and to pray with intention. Walk through this book, and see your faith deepen and your joy soar.

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

The Captivating Lady Charlotte 

I finished this just in time!! This book comes out tomorrow!! In an hr in a half actually. It’s the second book in the series. I always find myself using words from Carolyn’s books when I’m reading hers and it comes out super funny since no one talks like that anymore. 

What I really loved about this one: 

I loved that it made you see the difference of infatuation vs true love. Throughout the whole book it showed what a 1Corinthians type love looks like played out. How love is not just a feeling but a daily choice and it’s action. It’s not JUST the mushy feelings that u get. How if you are instantly smitten with someone without truly knowing much about them it most likely wasn’t love. 

I also could not figure out for the longest time who was out to get the Duke. Love that it wasn’t super obvious and I kept changing my mind who it was throughout the book. 

The hardship that one of the characters had (don’t want it to be a spoiler) how no matter what happens God has you and you can choose to blame him or praise him. That’s so true you can act based on your feelings and get lost to them or you can choose to act on what you know in the moments when you can’t feel them. Remembering Gods promises. Easier said than done. 

I think the one thing I would change is more romance. I think that even if you are not completely smitten with someone you grow to love them just the same based on who they are as a person and I would’ve loved to see that play out. Looks are fleeting but character is forever. So I think I wish you could see how his character gave her those feelings of love. I’ve been married quite a while now lol and I know that character is everything and the looks seem to no longer matter but truly the persons heart! 
Another great read by Carolyn Miller!! Loved it and recommend this one for sure!! Get yours on Amazon!! 

From the back cover: 

Her heart is her own―but her hand in marriage is another matter

Lady Charlotte Featherington is destined for great things on the marriage market. After all, as the beautiful daughter of a marquess, she should have her pick of the eligible nobility when she debuts. She, however, has love at the top of her list of marriageable attributes. And her romantic heart falls hard for one particularly dashing, attentive suitor. Sadly for Charlotte, her noble father intends her betrothed to be someone far more dull.

William Hartwell may be a duke, but he knows he was Charlotte’s father’s pick, not the young lady’s own choice. And the captivating Lady Charlotte does not strike him as a woman who will be wooed by his wealth or title. While she has captured his heart, he has no idea how to win hers in return–and the betrayal and scandal his first wife put him through makes it difficult for him to believe that love can ever be trusted. His only hope is that Charlotte’s sense of responsibility will win out over her romantic notions.

Can a widowed duke and a romantically inclined lady negotiate a future and discover love beyond duty? Will they be able to find healing and hope from the legacy of grace? Poignant and charming, this is another beautifully written, clean and wholesome Regency romance from Carolyn Miller.

Freedom’s Price

I didn’t realize this was a series when I first started it, but it didn’t seem to matter. I liked the character of Catherine, she seemed real and I always like if they are relatable. I don’t think I ever realized how tough the life of a slave was or that they were barely reguarded as humans. That part definitely made me feel for them and I’m so surprised being born in this century how that was ever even allowed. Such sad lives those poor people had to live! 

I think the character of the plantation manager was straight up creepy! I think I could’ve done with less of him. 

Tom worthington was a great character that was for sure one of the reasons I wanted to keep reading. 

The parallels between God and the storyline were on point! 

Overall a great story of suspense, intrigue and it definitely held my interest and kept me wanting to read! 

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

From the back cover: 

When Englishwoman Catherine Haynes loses both her parents and her home in 1856, she decides to cross the Atlantic to find her American mother’s family in Louisiana. She enlists the help of Tom Worthington, a dashing Key West man who makes his living salvaging wrecked ships, but whose real goal in life is to bring to justice the man who stole his father’s ship and caused his untimely death.
When Catherine finally arrives at her family’s plantation, she finds it in disarray and her family absent landowners. Torn between returning to Key West with Tom or beginning the hard work of restoring the plantation, Catherine soon finds herself snared in a plot to steal her inheritance. When an incredible secret comes to light, both she and Tom will face a choice. Can they relinquish the dreams that have been holding them captive in order to step forward in faith–even if it costs them everything?

Princess Prayers 

Cute little book about praying for little girls, it tells what to pray whenever you are scared, sorry or when you’ve had a great day. I love the simplicity of this for kids, also since every girl is obsessed with princesses that’s always a plus!! At the end of each little prayer it has a verse they can learn. I wasn’t expecting it to be a board book but it will last even longer this way so I like that too. The illustrations are super cute and very well done too!! If you have a little girl it’s definitely cute for them! 

Do Baby Bears Have Mommies? 

This book is the cutest!!! I love that the illustrations are so kid friendly.. I mean look how cute this is! 

Each page has a little rhyme and it asks and answers a couple questions. It also ties God into the mix and tells how He created every creature which is a major win in my book. This is the first book in a questions series for kids the next book in the series is 

Can’t wait to read this too!! 

I received this complementary book from Tyndale publishing company in exchange for an honest review. Five stars!!! 

A bride in the bargain 

Ok, I loved this easy read, and I have a couple more books by her to start on next! Such a descriptive author that puts you into the book. I finished this one in three days and it just flowed and was easy to get lost in. I also found out parts of this book were actually true which I love. The links to their Christian lives was realistic and I of course love the old school chivalry. 

From the back cover: 
In 1860s Seattle, a man with a wife could secure himself 640 acres of timberland. But because of his wife’s untimely death, Joe Denton finds himself about to lose half of his claim. Still in mourning, his best solution is to buy one of those Mercer girls arriving from the East. A woman he’ll marry in name but keep around mostly as a cook. Anna Ivey’s journey west with Asa Mercer’s girls is an escape from the griefs of her past. She’s not supposed to be a bride, though, just a cook for the girls. But when they land, she’s handed to Joe Denton and the two find themselves in a knotty situation. She refuses to wed him and he’s about to lose his land. With only a few months left, can Joe convince this provoking but beguiling easterner to be his bride?

Control.. or lack there of.. 

You can try and try your very hardest at something and never reach it. You can change absolutely everything about yourself to try to get a different result. U can read up and learn everything there is to know with still no change. At the end of the day I’m learning I have no control, maybe one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is that God is in control and there is absolutely nothing I can do. I’ve always thought I posessed some control over my life enough to make things the way I wanted them. Through negotiating (a skill my dad taught me lol) or simply making it happen by persistence and hard work. Lately I’m realizing, I just don’t have much control. Navigating life without control is tough and humbling. I go through all these phases in life of being taught new things and it’s like beginning again each time. My new mantra is “Do you the best way you know how bc that’s all you can do. The rest pray.” Each time I’m being shaped I feel so lost like I don’t even know how to be me anymore, pretty sure that’s when God is just tapping his hands in heaven waiting for me to come to him but being the stubborn person I am I choose to get lost a little more before I ask for help. I’m also learning the power of saying nothing. Simply shutting up and praying. I’m learning my words have little power but my prayers do. 

New stepping stones are always hard, I get comfy on one and don’t like to move. Once I have I’m just a bit closer to where I need to be and look back and think why didn’t I do that sooner. 

The Woods Edge 

I had just finished “Courting Morrow Little” by Laura Frantz (loved it!!), so I decided to give another Indian inspired book a try. I have to say I didn’t really enjoy this one. It was so hard to follow her train of thought and it kept jumping from character to character without being clear who it was. Also there were so many random historical facts placed throughout the book that didn’t seem to fit. I think the largest disappointment of this book was not being descriptive enough. It lacked the intrigue of moments that would keep you engaged and moments leading up to a large turn in the story by simply just stating they had already happened. I think it had a lot of missed opportunities. I probably wouldn’t read more from this author. I like to get lost in a book and didn’t really with this one. I think the last 100 pages were the better part of the book, but I also don’t like books where almost nothing happens during the majority of the book and in the last chapter it all comes to be. Kinda bummed how this one turned out to be, but I have a LARGE stack of other books to discover!